Another stupid attempt of hiding the pope’s Nazi history

The Pope’s spokesman, Rev. Federico Lombardi, said a couple of days ago that Joseph Ratzinger (alias: Benedict the 16th) had never been involved with Hitler or the Hitler Youth… some hours later, he retracted and said that he had been forced into the Hitler Youth…

How can one believe in the church? The Catholic church’s highest representative was (provably) member of a party portrayed to have killed 6 million Jews… simply amazing…

Who can believe in the Catholic church? Who can believe in ANY church?

One thought on “Another stupid attempt of hiding the pope’s Nazi history”

  1. As a Jew, I am mortified that the Roman Catholic Church elected a former Nazi as Pope.
    But, the Roman Catholic Church’s history of involvement with the Nazi regime is not isolated to this incident. The once rumored Odessa conspiracy has now been documented as truth. The Roman Catholic Church did help Nazi war criminals escape post-war Germany through a network of safehouses and falsified documentation to get Nazis out of Germany through Italy to ports to leave Europe, many of them to Argentina.
    This therefore is not something new. The Roman Catholic Church has a long history of turning a blind eye to Nazis.

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