Obama – a fallen leader?

Barack Obama should know how it is to be a minority looked down upon. Yet he does nothing to counterattack the recently passed law in Arizona, that basically says that people on the street can get stopped just for looking the way they do. He is safe – rich and powerful. But still black.

What about the millions that work in the US and have to carry their papers around? “Papieren bitte”, comes to mind – phrase often heard in Germany during the war. I can swim across the Rio Grande hundreds of times, and I will not be stopped. Why? I have blue eyes and a fair skin complexion. I don’t look Mexican and even though I am, nobody would stop me. And that is what is wrong with this stupid law. Some idiot senator said you can pick out the illegals from others by the way they dress… Say what?

“Detain anybody that looks like an illegal immigrant” is like returning to Nazi Germany, when people where detained because they looked jewish. WTF? And the leader of America, an African American guy does nothing to stop this? WOW… The US is really fucked up.

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