Another “no can do” from Obama

I liked Obama from the start. He seemed to be a person with a will to really do something.

It was all wrong. The oil spill in the Mexican Gulf – over 1 month later hasn’t been stopped. Not implying he is able to physically stop it, but he could at least put some pressure on BP to do it – which he isn’t because he owes his presidency to oil companies. As would McCain. BP seem to think “this is something that happens… so what. We will try to stop it.” It is the biggest environmental disaster in US history. And still nothing.

Then the whole Israel/Gaza thing blows up. Israel violently board a ship carrying medicines to Gaza. Many dead people later, Israelis say they were attacked with weapons. They boarded the ship with drawn weapons – and fired. The “weapons” they found were slingshots, marbles, some knives (that would exist in boats since they need to eat food). No guns or anything else. According to people on the boat – among them a famous Swedish author whom I believe tells the truth – there were no weapons on the ships. Obviously, if you want to see a marble as a weapon, you will find lots of them. The author said the Israeli soldiers came out with his razor and said it was a weapon!!!

Besides, Israelis took prisoners and took them from International waters into Israeli territory saying they entered “illegally”. WTF? Forcing somebody into your territory does not constitute illegal entry. More likely, it constitutes kidnapping.

If this doesn’t fuel antisemitism in the world, I don’t know what will. But it seems Israel want that to happen. And Obama? Who knows. He is just hiding somewhere playing with wife, daughters and dog. What a huuuuuge disappointment he has been so far. “Hope” is what I have that they vote him out of his office soon. He has actually done everyone wrong. African Americans that voted for him, just see another white guy. Hispanics that voted for him just see another white hillbilly. Whites that voted for him just see a disguised George Bush…. when is it time to see what promises he has delivered?

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