Election time in Sweden means… desperate measures

… especially from the left-wing parties. Their popularity has been dwindling in the last years, and the ruling right-wingers, have in many occasions eclipsed the left with reforms that some years ago would have been left-only.

So to win these elections, the Social democrats are trying to win the popular vote by offering personal “butlers” for people living in Stockholm. Their idea is that the time they take to commute on subways and trains to their work, shouldn’t be wasted time. So they want to set up laundromats, grocery stores, kindergardens, etc very close to the subway/trainstations, and that way people can do several things at once… shop in the morning, and get the groceries when you get home, etc. Mobile broadband would be extended into subway tunnels so that people can work during their commute.

Like socialism in itself, it is a romantic idea. Did they ever think of what it would look like at rush hour coming home from work when hundreds of people are queuing to get their kids from the kindergarden, clean laundry or grocery bags?

Did they ever think that subway during rush hour barely gives you standing space in a subway train? Work?

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