Child abuser – what will happen?

A few days ago, in the state of Veracruz, left wing politician Celestino Rivera Hernandez was caught in the act of sodomizing and raping a 12 year old boy that he had picked up on the street. Celestino is a “respected” pillar of his community, but he had done this before. No less than 5 times – that police know of. Every time getting off the hook by threats or offering money to his victims. To one indigenous girl he gave a cell phone and 3000 pesos (around 270 USD) for her silence.

This time around, when caught in the hotel room with a crying 12-year old boy, Rivera offered the arresting officers a whole lot more. With him, in a rucksack, he had 250 thousand pesos (23 thousand dollars) in cash. He even offered his pickup truck to the officers. The officers decided to go ahead and arrest him any way. Then he started flashing his different ID cards. You see, in Mexico when you are a political figure and in some kind of congress (local, state or federal) you have immunity against prosecution. In this case, his immunity had expired back in 2010, but he still tried to sell it to the arresting officers.

He also said he was a national counsel to the PRD (3rd biggest party in Mexico, left wing) and he should go free, because he had powerful friends. Still, the officers did not budge, and not even letting him put on his clothes, they took him to the police station to book him. At the same time they took a statement from the frightened and recently raped 12-year old boy.

It appears Rivera approached the boy while in his car. The boy was cleaning windshields in a street corner, trying to make some money. Rivera lured him into his pickup truck promising him money and then took him to a hotel.

What will happen to this beast? I sincerely hope he will be raped violently for the rest of his days by his inmates. And I hope he will die a painful death.

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