I just spent…

…20+ minutes deleting spam from my different blogs. 7 days a week it means 140 minutes, which translates to more than 2 hours. If I were a lawyer in the US I would charge around 400 US/hr for my work. Meaning somebody is stealing 800 USD/week from me. That amounts to “grand theft”, as most states have it stealing more than 250 USD worth of goods (in this case, time) is grand theft. In Florida, for example, people who are convicted of grand theft will likely have to spend over a year in jail, pay monetary fines, and possibly restitution. ~

Per month it amounts to 3 200 USD. Per year it is 38 400 USD. That means the spammers should go to jail for stealing at least 38 400 USD out of each person that receives an email from them. Multiply that with the number of people that actually are deprived of time to do their stuff… it amounts to millions of dollars every month.

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